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Who are we?

Amiici Care, a division of Amiici Global, is a Non Profit Company driven by enthusiastic women with a passion to help those in need and to provide opportunities for growth and empowerment.


Amiici Care offers valuable support to uplift, train, develop and sustain communities. Training opportunities serve to reinforce personal value to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

In times of crisis and disaster we offer much needed structured disaster relief. We source and obtain valuable resources and distribute it responsibly to specific places of need.


Amiici Care accomplishes individual growth and health that ultimately strengthens communities.

We provide relief aid in times of crisis and disaster.

We pride ourselves in being responsible, transparent and accountable.


Amiici Care prioritises the growth and development of individuals within communities.

We aim at utilising training opportunities as means to uplift and benefit communities in need.

We prioritise individuals, communities and areas affected by disaster and crisis.

We believe in working together and creating partnerships with business and organisations for the benefit of communities crossing all borders.

Fundraising For Projects & Training

At Amiici Care, we pride ourselves in being responsible, transparent and accountable. This also relates to how we apply and allocate funding.

Projects, Training & Partnerships

We believe that strong partnerships & healthy individuals will lead to healthy communities


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